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Comforting Hands

Companion/ Sitter Care Services

Providing hope, care, and comfort to your loved ones.

Our quality companion care services do not have to be a one size fit all approach which is why we adapt our in-home care to meet the specific needs to each and everyone of our client’s. We offer a variety of services which includes these as following and many more. If you are requiring our services, feel free to give us a call.  

  • Food preparation- We can provide meal preparation that includes shopping for food, serving them. Also, meal preparation is based on client’s diet. 

  • Errands- Our caregivers can perform errands, such as picking up cloths from the cleaners or pick up prescription from the pharmacy and many more. 

  • Escorting- Our caregivers can also accompany client outside of their home, like taking client to a doctor’s visit, shopping, and social activities. 

  • Cleaning- Our caregivers can do light housekeeping such as laundry, wash dishes, vacuuming and changing linens. We make sure that the environment is safe and comfortable to our clients. 

  •  Companionship- The main role for our caregivers is to keep the client’s company, encourage active thinking, friendly supportive conversation, and to be a listening ear.



With complete flexibility, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to arrange for an in-home care assessment. If you are requiring our services feel free to  give us a call.



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